The cabin cooling unit

When I was growing up going to my grandparents house was the best part of my whole summer vacation. Every summer this was our annual vacation, we would drive across the country to spend a few weeks with our grandparents. I haven’t been to my grandparents home in eleven years and this summer I decided I would take my wife and kids.   This was a family tradition I wanted to keep alive for my kids. We packed up the van with everything we expected to need, unaware our greatest need would surprise us. In my memories, the house was always well air conditioned, and I assumed that somehow eleven years later it would still have a cooling system. Technically, the house did have a cooling system.  It was a very old window ac unit that no longer worked. The house overall was still in good shape, and we would have no problem staying there as long as we came up with a cooling system. I drove to the nearest town, some fifteen miles away, and looked around for a portable air conditioner to buy for the house. The good ones were pretty fancy, however I found a used A/C unit in a pawn shop. It was the exact same kind of air conditioner the house used to have, only this one worked!


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