The boiler system is super loud

I’ve been a instructor for the past twenty years at a university. When the weather turned colder, and our university has outdated boiler that they use to heat the university building. The boiler is located in a room that was directly behind the library wall. Every time the boiler came on, the whole school library shook. The desks, tables, & lamps vibrated every several minutes. It was really distracting for me, & the gentlemen were equally miserable with the noises. They complained about the boiler sounds always, but both of us had really little choices in the matter. Both of us put up with those sounds all Wintertime, until the they finished the building in mid Springtime. The students were ecstatic happy to return to a brand new building. They didn’t have to hear that terrible boiler any longer. All of the rooms in the current building were equipped with their own temperature control & mini-split ductless Heating & A/C unit. Our current building is really comfortable, & the ductless Heating & A/C units work amazingly well. They do not scare the students, & both of us can control the temperature in our room. It is much better now.

boiler tune up

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