The boiler is very versatile

When my spouse, Dave and I constructed our new home, the heating system was the priority.  Our family lives north of the border in the country, where the winter season weather is often harsh.  The temperatures makes it necessary to run the heating system from mid-November until March or even into April.  The cost of operating the furnace and keeping the home cosy is an immense expense. Dave and I looked for all different types of heating components, focusing on energy efficient, safe and dependable systems.  We finally settled on a boiler system without ever regretting it. The best thing about the boiler is it’s heating flexibility. It is much more than a straight-forward heating unit. Our family uses the boiler to heat the home, provide boiling water, even as a snowmelt system.  We are considering purchasing a hot tub and using the boiler to heat it on the back patio. I like the the boiler system, it uses water to transfer heat energy, this process is genuinely silent, wonderfully clean, and energy efficient. Because water heats up faster and also stays hot longer than air, the boiler is far superior to a forced air system.  We installed a network of looping pipes beneath the floors of the home to create radiant heating. The heat is spread evenly throughout the rooms and rises slowly, warming the air all surfaces including people. The heating device takes up no living space, and we can control the temperature in each room independently. We aren’t forced to heat the kitchen when it’s empty, and the two of us can keep living room a bit warmer during the day.  This improves comfort plus saves us money on weekly energy bills. The snow melt plan is also simple and similar to the radiant flooring, except that the pipes are hidden beneath the cement of the garage, sidewalks and driveway. Hot water travels through the pipes, effectively melting away snow plus ice, plus eliminating the need to plow, shovel or put down chemicals.

propane boiler

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