The big boom in HVAC

Over the years I have had a lot of jobs in many fields of work. I have been a garbage man, hardware store owner and others. There have been more, but these are ones that I actually stuck with for a bit of time before moving on. However, none of those tasks can compare to my latest job working at a heating and cooling company! I’m not sure if I would have stuck with heating and cooling if I had gotten this job when I was a teenager, but I am absolutely happy to have it now. I finally think I can love the work I do! Working on people’s furnaces and air conditioning systems is pretty simple stuff once you get down to it. Also being able to drive from home to home and not spend all day in one location gives me an absolutely free feeling, also the pay is top dollar. I make a very nice hourly rate and am able to afford all my bills and can even take a long vacation involving air travel, hotel, and lots of relaxing every now and then. It is an amazing thing to do working at a heating and cooling company. I just installed some radiant heat flooring in a house the other day and the owner was so happy that he gave me a 29 dollar tip. Making people so satisfied that they tip you does deliver you a feeling of satisfaction with your job!

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