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I need to tackle some major renovations in our home.  The windows are old, leak a tremendous amount of air, plus multiple of them are painted shut.  The walls plus ceilings are cracked, water stained plus lack satisfactory insulation. The carpets are stained plus worn, plus the linoleum is in poor condition.  My husband plus I are planning to tear everything down to the bare studs. This is the perfect chance to replace the plumbing, replace the electrical wiring, plus upgrade the gas furnace.  All of us currently have a boiler furnace installed in the basement, plus although it’s rather old, it continues to operate reliably. Unfortunately, the boiler is linked to ancient, ugly plus unsafe radiators, which take up a great deal of section in the multiple rooms.  If we rip up the floors, we can install a radiant gas furnace, which would greatly improve aesthetics, comfort plus running costs. Radiant piping is absolutely concealed beneath the floors, freeing up space, protecting safety, plus improving the look of the house. As heated water travels through these pipes it spreads heat evenly from wall to wall plus corner to corner.  This heat then rises slowly plus gently, warming all surfaces plus objects in the room, plus maintaining consistent plus ideal temperature. I could lower the thermostat by several degrees without compromising comfort. The savings on our daily energy bills would eventually reclaim the investment. Plus, our husband plus I would appreciate the luxury of radiant floors. I would just care about to walk barefoot over a sizzling floor in the middle of a chilly plus snowy Winter season.  

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