The beach house cooling unit

One of my favorite things I enjoy doing doing every year is to go away to the Cape for a week. My group of friends puts together a writing retreat every summer season where we all rent out a lake house and do nothing but study, write and relax! We do bi-weekly check-ins where we discuss what we’ll be working on today, any goals that we have, and how drastic we are about reaching them, that way we can help each other to finish our projects, or just to destress as needed. However, things got real stressful, real fast 1 year when we were the first ones to rent the lake house for the year. The ice maker wasn’t working–which made making mixed drinks a headache–the water for the shower was broken, plus the air conditioning wasn’t working. When we opted to go to turn it on, the lake house smelled musky. After an hour, we heard the sound of dripping water, and ran downstairs to find water leaking from the ceiling, it was dripping out of the air conditioning duct, through the vent and onto the floor. We tried to live with from it, but for the first few mornings, this was bearable. It was particularly early in the summer season, so it was cool enough outside that we could rest to just be inside with a sweater on plus we were comfortable enough. However, we had an abrupt temperature spike and it swiftly became too hot and humid to get anything done, and by the time the owner was able to get an HVAC repair serviceman out to the house, we were already packing up to go home. Next year we’re going to be sure to be the last in the house–not the first.

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