The attorney I chose

My ex-husband, Frank and I dated for eight years.  We then got married. After Frank and I got married, we couldn’t get along.  We stayed together for four years, but unfortunately, we couldn’t make it work. Frank and I realized that we had grown apart, and both of us wanted to be separated. While Frank and I worried about the divorce process, we agreed to go ahead with it.   We hoped d the divorce could be amicable. So, Frank and I went together to work with a divorce attorney about ending our marriage. Having to consult with a divorce lawyer was something of an embarrassment or both of us, but Frank and I knew it was necessary. The two of us each had reasons why we were convinced  the divorce was necessary, and we were no longer happy together. The two of us knew that the biggest challenge was going to be the house we purchased and remodeled together two years earlier. Frank and I wanted to sell it and split the proceeds evenly. The divorce lawyer assured us that he was experienced with these kinds of issues. He was familiar with all of the steps both of us would need to take to  divide our assets as fairly as possible. When everything was said and done, Frank and I were both relieved and thankful that we got through the divorce without making things worse. Now, Frank and I able to communicate when necessary. We have become friends. The two of us had to do what was best for each of us and the divorce lawyer made the process easier on both of us. I hope to never relive that nightmare again.   I’m glad this the divorce is now in the past.

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