The air conditioning unit hasn’t lasted long

In my log cabin in the mountains, I could run outside all year long if I wanted to.  Granted, the wintertime would be pretty cold, but the warm seasons were amazingly pleasant with low humidity.  I absolutely enjoyed going to my favorite running trail & letting off some steam from the day’s problems. With the cool mountain breeze, I felt  I could run for miles without ceasing. But, where I live now is a completely different climate. It’s tepid & humid all the time it seems like, and after only a short time I  need to go inside to cool down. This is why I totally love my Heating and A/C system. It’s those humid days that keeps all of us diligent with the yearly Heating and A/C supplier visits.  Just the other day I had our first visit for the year since it’s starting to get a little cooler as the season changes. He proceeded to clear out our duct and ensure all of our electrical was functioning efficiently.  Since the Heating and A/C equipment sits outside all year long, it’s not unusual for the exterior of the equipment to rust occasionally. So, they constantly clean and protect the entire Heating and A/C unit, inside & out.  This not only helps to keep the systems exterior from deteriorating, but also keeps the longevity of the equipment going so you can make use of your Heating and A/C for as long as possible. Every one of us would be lost without our local Heating and A/C contractor, they keep our log cabin comfortable, which makes our lives more manageable..  

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