The air conditioner may be spreading dust

My best friend Jack and I had an idea to enlarge our kitchen downstairs. One afternoon, Jack and I tore out the wall that separated the family room from our big screen porch. We then needed to change out the screens with windows, run electrical wiring through the home, and add insulation. Our  only complication was how to handle the heating and cooling of the bedrooms upstairs. While the home we share is equipped with a central oil furnace and cooling system, it was already having issues trying to handle the demands of the house! My best friend and I had recently moved to a section which experiences absolutely drastic weather. During the Winter we go through varying temperatures dropping below zero, and during the Summer temperatures climb into the triple digits. Jack and I wanted to supplement the current oil furnace and cooling system for extreme comfort in the family room. Neither he or I wanted to spend a fortune or sacrifice a bunch of space to heating and cooling equipment. My best friend and I were looking for something rather compact, easily installed and energy efficient. After I did some research, we both decided on a ductless mini split system. The mini split system is comprised of an outdoor compressor linked by a pipe to an indoor air handler. Both components are small, lightweight, and required no difficult upgrade process. The indoor air handler rested high on the wall and is operated through a handy, cordless remote. Because it’s basically a heat pump, it provides both heating and cooling capacity. When you press a small button, Jack and I can go between heating and cooling, raise or lower fan speed, change the temperature and regulate the home’s humidity.  The ductless plan is especially quiet and energy efficient, and it has effectively maintained the ideal temperature. My best friend and I are totally happy with the heat pump and our expanded kitchen as well.

heat pump system 

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