The air compressor could not work

My roommate Randy does a ton of shopping online.  Randy plus I are retired now but have a legitimately great life.  There is dough for my roommate to shop a bit. My roommate prefers to buy neat things for the house we have.  I don’t pay attention to all the things he buys though. The other day the temperature shot to the roof though.  I reacted by having more demand on the a/c to keep the home cold. I set the thermostat at a lower amount. The air conditioner ran non-stop but the house never got to where I needed it to be. I was worried.  Later in the week, there was another heatblast coming through. The Heating plus Air Conditioning was overwhelmed because it could not keep the home cold enough for me. I decided to look at the outside Heating plus Air Conditioning device.  I guess that this is where the condenser is put in place. The condenser is where the heat in the home is. The fan is doing its work to dissipate the heat. I looked around the yard in our home plus couldn’t believe what I saw. Where the outside compressor once stood was now a yellow cover.  My roommate ordered a decorative air conditioner seal. Randy installed it without me even knowing. I knew immediately what was wrong with our Heating plus Air Conditioning device. This decorative air conditioner seal was wrecking the outside unit. There was not near enough to flow around.

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