The AC is too big to handle

Today is the first day that our temperatures have reached the eighties in over eight months.  I’m really minding it, and I’m thinking that I should have put my window air conditioner in, two weeks ago.  I know that I’ll have to take the fan out of my bedroom window tonight and put turn on the air conditioning in my bedroom.  We have three window AC units. One in the two back bedrooms and one in the living room. With the three AC units, we can be comfortable in the house, even when the temperatures reach into the nineties.  Normally, when it is eighty or even eighty-five, it doesn’t bother me, but this has been a quick change. My body isn’t adjusting as quickly as it once would have. I really wish that I had put the AC in when my daughter and her husband were here and offered, a couple of weeks ago, but I was stubborn.  Now, my husband is telling me that he can’t wait for them to come back again, so he can ask them to install it for me. I knew when we bought the AC unit, that it was too big for the two of us to handle, but he told me that we would be all right. I guess it was when we almost dropped it, and the lift that we had the AC unit on, slid away, and the corner of the AC broke his toe, that he realized how much we could not handle the AC.  I know I shouldn’t have said ‘I told you so,’ but I just couldn’t resist.

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