The AC is blowing in my face

Growing up, it was super cold, were talking sub zero temperatures and wind chill factors like you wouldn’t believe. All of us lived close to a big lake so we all got lots of snow and ice as well. As you can imagine, the floors in a house in that section can get to be pretty cold. All of us had tile or wood floors throughout our homes. My house in particular had no carpet anywhere because of our mother’s pollen allergies. So when our feet hit the floor on icy Winter mornings, the chill of it would literally make us cringe! Back when I was a kid, I could only dream of something like radiant heated flooring. Ever heard of it? If not, i’ll tell you that being an an adult and owning my own home, it’s something that will come in handy! And since it’s still freezing in the Wintertime, and all of our floors are tile, guess what i’m getting myself for Christmas this year? Yep! I’m calling to set up an appointment with our local heating and cooling contractor to have them come out to our home to give me an estimate on what it would cost for me to have radiant heated flooring systems installed throughout the entire house! I’m sure the cost will be very high, however the thoughts of never having to wear slippers again because all of our floors will be toasty warm is worth anything I’ll end up spending on radiant heated flooring! I can’t wait!

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