The A/C helps me relax

My job in the heating and cooling industry is not what you’d think. Most companies that make appliances have test teams, where their job is to stress-test the equipment and establish their safety. In my case, I got to test out portable HVAC equipment, from small window fans to space heaters. It’s a great job, because you get to test the output of HVAC systems. However, you also have a serious role to play in making sure the safety of products that people all around the world will be using is there. I will say that one of the most stressful things to test is a space heater, because they can cause damage – even the safest space heater can cause a fire! I always think of this one bunch of space heaters they had me test, which came from a less reputable manufacturer. I was afraid to test them because of the reputation, but I had to do my job. The space heaters were connected to a power source, and right when I flipped the “on” switch, every single space heater immediately sprayed the ground with sparks, melting down the cage that protects users from the heat coils! That was extremely scary! Still, that’s how my job can go. That’s not to say that everything I test is bad, as most of them work just great. I love when I get to test out portable HVAC units, because I can usually cool off for a while as I test power consumption and efficiency for each air conditioner. Yes, this job has moments that are scary, but there’s moments that bring me rest too.

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