The a/c device was driving me wild

I studied a direct news story about a certain person who was crazy and seriously attacked a police officer with a large stick. It was entirely wild, because the person had definitely abided the law until that direct night. I mentioned this type of story, because a similar problem happened with my associate yesterday. It was clearly about 2 in the morning, when I heard a very loud banging on the next door roof. I decided to go outdoors and see what was happening with my associate. He was using a hammer to bang on the air conditioner proposal. I tried to reason with her, but she said that she had heard some animals in the air ductwork. She had been trying to petrify them out with an extremely loud noise. I definitely pointed out the fact that my associate was smashing the air conditioner into small pieces, but she didn’t think that was a huge problem. The two of us tried to return to our own home, but the two of us listened to her screaming at the squirrels for the next hour. After that, she started banging on our front door, in her underwear, telling us that the squirrels had entered her home through the air conditioner ducts. I had to contact the police, and the two of us also contacted the heating and air conditioning supplier. We entirely hope someone would be able to sort out the mess that was going on next door with our neighbor. I don’t know if she’s crazy or there is squirrels in her place.

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