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I am so in love with the section of the country that we live in, and i didn’t genuinely know I would love it here when we moved 2 years ago – honestly, I believed it would be the worst! My old beach house state was situated in the northwest, where the air temperatures varied from -25 to 110 throughout the year plus life was legitimately a struggle, however still, I became accustomed to the horrific  changing weather patterns, continual struggles of survival, plus flat boring vineyards that surrounded me. Moving down south, I had several troubles about the heat plus humidity that I would be living in instead, however what I never considered about the area, though, was the prevalence of huge plus dense trees. Not only do these tall forests give a fantastic deal of protection from the pounding summer season sun, but they are incredibly appealing… After living in 1 beach house with the most amazing woodland sights, I can never consider returning to flat plus boring vineyards again, and however, there is 1 point where the immense trees cause conflict with the need for A/C in an awful way; there is quite a tendency for residential cooling systems to be disfigured by falling tree limbs. It makes sense, with  several immense trees in our front yard, there are often branches falling down from the heavens plus landing dangerously near to our cooler air lifeline. In the past year, we’ve seen our A/C method take at least 5 heavy dents from big limbs! Thankfully for us, the fine ole cooling unit has stayed fully operational, but she’s not looking so fantastic these mornings. I figure, if A/C disfigure is the compensation for having cooling, attractively beautiful trees all around me, I’ll cheerfully take that air quality chance.

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