That was very good advice

If I never have to take a trip with youngsters again as long as I live, that will be alright with me.  I volunteered as a chaperone for a military school trip and I legitimately had know idea what I was getting myself into.   After numerous hours in a van with twelve middle school youngsters, I was ready to tear my hair out. It wasn’t their crazy talking, their goofy jokes, or even their annoying music that got to me. It was their constant complaining about the heating, ventilation and A/C system.  If I’m driving, I am in control of the temperature and the thermostat in the vehicle. I didn’t see any of them driving any time soon, since they were all thirteen! Therefore, I’m the boss of the thermostat and the interior temperature while I’m the driver of the van, right? Well, all I heard for the numerous hours that we were on the highway was that on of the kids were too hot or that someone was too cold.  They took turns asking me to either turn on the heater, no, turn off the heating! Then I’ll hear will you please turn on the air conditioning or will you please turn off the air conditioning? It was enough to drive anyone crazy! I finally yelled at all of them that since I was the driver and I was warm natured, the temperature in the van was going to be set firmly at 72 degrees and the air conditioning was going to stay on as long as I was the driver. I said that if anyone was cold, they were welcome to use a warm blanket or to huddle together for warmth. After I yelled at them, they all exchanged funny looks and then they quieted down for the rest of the trip. I should’ve yelled at them about the air conditioning much earlier.


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