That was actually very creepy

So I have this uncle – we’ll call him Red – who’s a bit of an airhead! Red has a tendency to know too much about little details, rather than focus on the big picture. As a result, Red often finds himself making decisions he regrets. Fortunately the decisions haven’t been too long-lasting, as he doesn’t have a awful tattoo or anything like that. This is often because I’ve been fortunate to be in the room on multiple times where I prevented him from making a BIG mistake. For example, I came along with Red when he was going to a few different hardware stores to shop around for a more energy efficient central heater. His old electric heater wasn’t doing it for him anymore, and he wanted to use a heat source that didn’t count on oil or gas so he wouldn’t add to his utility bill. At one hardware store, a particularly sauve salesman convinced Red that he should buy a heat pump. However, while a heat pump is a superb alternative to gas or oil heating, since it doesn’t entirely require fuel and doubles as an A/C, heat pumps aren’t a good central heater when you live in the far North. Heat pumps are superb for folks who live anywhere with multiple distinct seasons, not a place where it’s always hot or always cold. Red however, was sold – it seemed logical to him, because the heat pump didn’t need fuel. Thankfully I was able to pull Red aside for a sidebar, and explain that he was about to pour a ton of money into a heating plan that wouldn’t keep him even remotely warm! Once he finally realized what I meant, he was quick to ignore any heat pump-based plan for the rest of the afternoon. You have to be there for your family, because you just might be able to prevent a tragedy!

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