That took us over 5 years

Either our thermostat is no longer working, or the a/c unit is broken.  My supervisor says that the AC is working as it should be, but then why, I must ask, am I covered in sweat so much?  A few months ago, corporate sent over an AC technician to each of its retail stores throughout the United States to install up-to-date HVAC monitoring systems. This would enable corporate to remotely monitor the AC system, fire alarm and burglar alarm for each branch store, from several states away. We were told we would not incur any changes in the level of air quality.  I’m certain that the temperature control is not correct, or I would not be covered in sweat as I am. I am currently standing at the register, in this immense retail environment in front of a portable fan with the front door open to provide myself and others with a breeze we need to cool down, as well as to work inside this store comfortably. My store supervisor has the ability to change the temperature control by manually adjusting the control component a few degrees, however it will change back in only a few minutes. He  never exercises that authority, preferring instead to allow corporate to keep the temperature control to their liking. I’ve been with this retailer over ten years now, and this is the first time that I can remember the air conditioner is letting me down, or is it the monitoring system?

AC system 

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