That seemed to be a fluke

I’ll be 72 years old this year have seen a lot of things in my life.  I first went to school in the country in a small single room schoolhouse with no running water plus only a wood stove to keep everyone warm.  It was strenuous to learn when the other students and I were so chilly as children. When I became a man and moved into the city, weather conditions control was a little better because we would rig fans or cooling devices around the offices and shops to keep cool.  Now, I can’t know what all current a/cs and furnaces can do. My grandson was showing me his remote thermostat for his condo. He’s able to change the temperature wherever he is on his PC. I think that’s simply amazing! When house thermostats became available, you could program them before you left for work, that was a good invention but this is even better.  Now, if he has a long afternoon at job that’s different from his normal workday, he can simply leave the heat or a/c off until he’s sure he’ll be home. It’s smart of him to do because it also saves him money on energy costs. Another feature that I truly appreciate is zoned control heating features. With this system, a homeowner can program the temperature in each room of the house.  I think this is fantastic because, usually I have it slightly warmer in the house, because of my age, although I don’t want to turn up the heat in all of the rooms and make my guests sweat out of their shirts; Technology has come a long way, especially with weather conditions control devices. I’m excited I’m around to benefit from them!

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