That scared the day lights out of me

My wife as well as I live in a 2-story condo situated on a fairly quiet street in the burbs. The condo that has been our home for the past 5 years has been wonderful, but it hasn’t been without complications.  One big problem I have with the condo is that our upstairs guest room is constantly much warmer than the rest of the house. It’s frustrating, especially when the summer season heat is bearing down on the house. The remainder of our condo will be a cool 68 degrees, while that single room upstairs is constantly in the low eighties.  We have tried a number of things including placing box fans at the doorway of the room, cracking windows, checking seals – everything! For some reason, this room just doesn’t want to cool down. Finally the two of us reached out to a friend of ours who’s going through certification courses to be an Heating and A/C specialist. His idea was for us to try installing a ventilator fan, which moves colder air from 1 room to the adjacent room. He said the two of us could install it in the wall or floor, but it should be installed in whichever room cools down faster. The room below the guest room was the den, so the two of us decided to go with the floor ventilator fan. Installation was beyond us – my wife as well as I aren’t carpenters or handy with tools of any sort – so the two of us asked our friend to help us with the install.  Aside from the upfront cost of the replacement, the entire project didn’t hit our budgets honestly hard, which was wonderful. When our friend finished as well as turned on the ventilator for the first time, the two of us noticed a difference in the room within fifteen minutes. Finally, some relief! Our friend told us the two of us should consider having some ductwork run into the room for more airflow, but this will do for now. I’m just glad the two of us can finally use our guest room when friends or family come to stay.

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