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                                            I am in the process of getting a college degree, and to do so I have to do a combination of online and in person classes. Online classes are so much better for me though. I can still work at my normal times and then do school afterwards. I get the online work done quickly. I also can do it in my own apartment. I get to set the temperature control the way I want it, and I work as long or as much as I want! Going in person however, is just horrible! College kids just don’t get what real world expenses are like… For example, in the winter months the school kids open the windows. The school boiler system is on and heating. The kids in the classroom get too hot, and so what they do is open the window to let in cold air. First, I am never so overly hot to not accept free heating. Second, the cold air regularly makes its way to me, so I have to wear a blazer in class. Lastly, the expense of having heating with an open window must be egregious, and all I can think about is that the cost of heating a classroom with the window open is factored into my overall tuition. I have to pay more because some moron can’t handle a little heating. I am pretty sure that all of us as students don’t have control over the rooms temperature. However they should be able to go 45 minutes being a little too hot. Wasting cozy heating is just plain stupid as well. How selfish that they decide to change the whole temperature of the room. We should definitely vote to see what we all do in terms of Heating and Air Conditioning.

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