That frigid air hit me in the face

We told our neighbor last year that we were planning on putting our house on sale in a year or so. The neighbor told us he would actually love to buy our house because it was bigger and had a larger yard for his dogs, plus it’s a corner lot. He wants his daughter to move in with him so it would be perfect. We then verbally agreed on a price and our neighbor said he would work on securing the mortgage. A few months later, we started having problems with the heating system. I let our neighbor know about it, and he said he wanted to pay for a new heating system to be installed anyway when he moved in. He also asked us if he could do some work around the house to prepare it for when he moves in. At that point, we would be moving within three months so I told him that would be fine. He had an HVAC technician come by and look at the heating system and then he actually had the HVAC company install a completely brand new furnace along with cleaning out the ductwork and replacing the thermostat. I thought it was odd that he did this before he actually owned the house, but by then we were supposed to close on the house within a month. The neighbor also replaced the boiler and installed some new windows. Two weeks later, we find out the neighbor took out high interest loans to pay for the repairs and his new mortgage was denied so he can’t buy the house. Now he wants his money back for the repairs and the heating system. This is shaping up to be a messy situation.

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