Temperature control in our office

My wife has turned promotion day into a big deal in her company.  When people do a great job, or go the extra mile for a customer, she celebrates them.  When they move up a rank in the business, she celebrates them. She had one day a month that she sets aside and she has a company picnic to celebrate the great things that have happened with her employees.  I think it is a great idea, and normally we would have the celebrations in the conference room. This last time, the conference room was in use, and everything had to be set up outside. It was ninety degrees out that day, and had we been in the conference room, we would have had air conditioning.  We thought about setting up in her office, but it was way too small for twenty people to sit and eat, and have a good time. We ended up setting up the food under a picnic umbrella and having the celebration outside. I don’t like the heat. If it is over seventy, I want to stay in the house and enjoy the air conditioning.  When it’s over ninety, I don’t even want to gravitate from my chair. I went inside, under the ruse of getting something, and I hung out in her office. I only planned on being in there for about ten minutes, but her chair was comfortable, and the air conditioning felt wonderful. I woke up about an hour later, realizing I had miss the entire celebration.  I was cool from the air conditioning, and I don’t think even her anger bothered me, when I went outside.

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