Temperature control at work

This office used to be just perfect, but all that has changed radically over the last six weeks. Before that point, I had this entire office to myself. The business I work for has a suite of offices on the second floor of a building. It always seemed like too much space, I mean they had enough to give me a giant office all to myself. But they rented space with an eye towards growth, and as the business has grown more and more people were hired. I went from a massive office to myself to sharing that space with five other people. This is a stress on the office HVAC system, and its also a stressful situation on me! Now there are six of us all fighting over the same thermostat. Let me tell you, trying to find one climate control setting that appeals to everyone is a tall order. With so many men crammed into one office, when the air gets a little too warm we all sweat and the indoor air quality goes in the garbage! The office gave each of us a small fan to clip on to the edge of our desks, and that combined with the air conditioning is usually enough to keep the air from getting stagnant. I am not looking forward to the winter, because if it can get too warm even with the AC running, I am loathe to imagine what it will be like with the furnace running. If they hire anyone else, we may need to keep the AC running all year long.  

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