Taking HVAC maintenance into account

Occasionally when I have a day away from work, I make time to head to the mall so that I can see if there are any sales going on. I really enjoy doing this because it’s something of a rare treat for me. Last weekend when I made the trip to see what was in some of my favorite stores, I wasn’t able to have fun because the HVAC unit in the main area of the mall wasn’t working. Everyone seemed to be uncomfortable and there was no air at all coming through the A/C vents. I ended up canceling my day out after about an hour because I knew there was no way that I would be able to endure much longer without the air conditioner running. It’s a shame that this happened. I imagine the mall lost a lot of customers that day because people like myself and others decided to end their shopping day earlier than planned. If I were a mall owner this is something I would have to take into account. HVAC repair should regularly take priority so that customers recognize that they have a comfortable environment to be in while they shop! My thought is that this is a job that gets neglected because some people don’t think about the HVAC unit until it’s giving them troubles. I think this has been the case at my condo in the past, so I see how it could happen in other places. I think one thing’s for sure, and that’s the fact that I won’t be going shopping again until I think that the A/C is running as it should.

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