Taking care of my HVAC equipment

There are lots of advantages to being a homeowner rather than a renter. I certainly take pride in ownership. Being able to purchase a home has brought me a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. I try to show that pride by maintaining a neat and tidy landscape and exterior of the property. Of course, there is also a great deal of responsibility. The jobs of a homeowner have forced me to become more financially responsible. My dedicated attitude has also led me to finding ways to use less energy and minimize my overall impact on the environment. One way I’ve discovered to achieve energy savings is by upgrading my older and less efficient heating and cooling equipment. My original air conditioner used Freon refrigerant to cool the home. This type of air conditioner coolants is bad for our environment, and known to deplete the ozone. The new air conditioner uses Puron refrigerant which is far more environmentally friendly. I am now concentrated on the impact of the HVAC duct system. It’s definitely wasting large amounts of energy every day. I’d guess that around twenty percent of the heated and cooled air is leaking out through flaw in the HVAC ducts. Conditioned air escapes from the seams in the duct work. Little holes and cracks have developed in the HVAC duct metal and then heated and cooled air is lost. The inefficiency of the HVAC duct system is costing me money and diminishing comfort. I plan to hire an HVAC professional for duct sealing and cleaning to minimize energy consumption.