super amazing a/c unit

Ever since I moved into the city, I have been living in this old Victorian house.  The owners had turned their home into a boarding house, to help out with their living expenses.  I know it must have cost them a lot, but the efficiency apartments are beautiful. They have a kitchen and a bathroom on every floor, plus we have small sitting areas, and a mini fridge and hot plate in our rooms.  We do have to pay for our own heating and air conditioning, on top of our monthly rent. When I first moved in, I inquired about the heating and the cost. He said that it was Central heating, but they had not installed air conditioning.  The electric bill was evenly distributed between everyone who lived in the house. I had no problem heating my room, because I was on the third floor, and we all know that heat rises. During the summer, the rising heat was not a good thing, however.  I knew that I was going to need air conditioning, if I was going to have any comfort and be able to sleep. I considered getting a window air conditioning unit, but I was afraid of the installation of the unit, and then being able to take it out when winter came, because I didn’t have the storage space.  I was able to get information on a portable air conditioner, and this seemed to be the better choice. I was still able to put it in the window, but I could also have the window open without removing the air conditioner on the cooler days. I was able to pick up a refurbished unit for half the cost, and I have loved it.

portable air conditioner

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