Strangely acting a/c

Till the end of summer, we were having some real problems with our air conditioning.  It hadn’t really been working properly all through summer. It ran longer than it had in the past, and it never really cooled the house off as well as we wanted it to.  The humidity was always in the house, but we put off calling the HVAC company. When summer ended, it was beginning to make some really odd sounds, but we knew that we wouldn’t be needing to use the air conditioning any longer, so we opted to put off the servicing until the following spring.  When spring came, I got a call from my sister. She wanted to come visit for a couple of days, and she jokingly told me that she hoped the air conditioning was working well. As soon as I hung up the phone, I called the HVAC company. I told them about my air conditioning and I asked them if they could come out and do the maintenance and servicing of the air conditioning.  When the HVAC tech arrived, he did a thorough inspection and he told me that the air filter was completely blocked. He asked if we had been having any trouble with getting good air conditioning, or any odd noises. I admitted that the last couple of weeks, the AC hadn’t been too good. He changed the air filter and cleaned the air ducts. He told us that this AC unit would last us another five years as long as we keep having our regular maintenance done.

a/c set up

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