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Being an homeowner provides various benefits, challenges plus work.  Sometimes it seems that I get more challenges and tasks than benefits.  This was the case last hot season. The troubles were frequent plus ongoing.  It began with problems for our sewer system. The shower started draining very slowly.  At first, it was an infrequent problem that slowly grew. I thought the drain situation was resolved after I bought a cleaning agent to push the hair plus debri from our drains.  But I realized, when the toilet clogged, that the entire septic plan needed professional attention. This revelation led myself and others to inspect the other systems in our home so we might evaluate whether they needed attention.  I called for an appointment with a heating & air conditioning specialist to inspect our Heating and Air Conditioning system. After walking past our multiple cats, five cats plus a cage full of birds, he asked me if I had an air purification plan in the home.  He explained there were various benefits to having an whole-dwelling air purifier. The air purification plan would assist with everyday aromas from household chores such as cooking meals. It would remove the aroma of onions, fish, or other smelly foods from the air.  For health purposes, the whole-home air purifier would stop over 99% of crucial household pollutants. This would lessen the opening for mold spores growing in the damp regions of the house such as the basement or bathroom and improving the homes overall air quality. Of course, the whole-home air purifier would help with cleaning the air of the pet fur plus hair that could accumulate on the furniture plus carpet.

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