Staying inside the venue

I am employed at a local laundromat. It might not be an exciting job, but at least I am gainfully employed! The laundromat has 28 washing machines which entirely vary in size. A few of them are single load machines and a few of them can clean multiple loads at once. Those machines completely come in handy for comforters, heavy blankets, and duvets… We also have 40 gas dryers in the building! Most of these machines are running at any given time. The gas dryers cause a great deal of excess heat in the building. There isn’t any air conditioner equipment, because it would most definitely be pointless. The cold air from an air conditioner would be gobbled up by the gas dryers in no time at all. We do have a few ceiling fans above the folding areas, but they just work to push around sizzling air. Most of the time, the front door is pretty much left propped open. That’s the only way we can manage to get any type of ventilation in the building. We happen to keep a thermometer behind the desk. Last Tuesday, the indoor air temperature reached an alarming 97 degrees! Since we have not yet made it to the sizzling part of Summer yet, I’m starting to grow immensely concerned. I suppose that our boss doesn’t want to spend a great deal of money to run air conditioner equipment, but there must be a better solution to this terrible issue. A number of customers have already made complaints about the lack of ventilation and air conditioner equipment. Some people leave quickly when they realize there is no air conditioner equipment. I do not know for certain if there is a simple solution to the problem. I’ve been working here for roughly three years, and the Summer temperatures seem to keep rising. If we cannot use air conditioner equipment in the building, all of us have to find a better answer than merely opening the front door.


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