Staying at a resort and air conditioner malfunctions –

Everyone loves a nice vacation after a long year of hard work, and my family is no exception. Each summer, my family and I pack our suitcases and head off to a resort or cabin for a two week vacation. We really enjoy the time to relax and grow together as a family. Our last trip, however, was not as enjoyable as we had anticipated. We stayed at a beautiful resort in the mountains. We had a two story room with a nice balcony overlooking a lake. The first night was great; it was cool and damp from the rain of the previous day. However, the second day the temperature was in the upper 80’s, and the humidity was high. My husband found the temperature control for our room and turned the on the AC. We went on a hike and returned a few hours later only to find that the room was very stuffy and no cooler than when we had left it. My husband checked the thermostat again to make sure it was set for AC. It was set for 65 degrees fahrenheit. We called the front desk to ask for some help. They sent a HVAC technician up to our room to take a look at our system. He spent a good thirty minutes trying to figure out the problem. He came to the conclusion that a part needed to be ordered to fix the AC unit. The technician told us he would have the part by the next day and all would be well. We made it through that hot night with anticipation for some nice, cool AC the next day. Well, the next day came and went with no AC, and so did the next. It took three days for the technician to get the part and repair the AC unit. Thankfully, the rest of our vacation came and went with no more troubles, but we will never forget those sticky, hot nights without AC in the middle of July!

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