Sprucing up our heater and a/c device

Growing up in an old victorian house was charming in some ways, but difficult in others. I loved coming home from school to the house, situated in a field at the edge of the woods, and the unique design of the home made it genuinely comfortable on hot Summer days or cool days in the Fall. My parents loved to relax on the porch on such days. Ornate as it was, the home was also genuinely old fashioned. Aside from staples of modern living like running water and stable power, our quaint little home had sparse appliances. Our fridge and stove were antique and tiny, and the house used a big water boiler for heat. Thankfully, we lived in a fairly cool climate, so our air conditioner came in the form of opened windows during the hotter months. As years passed on, my parents grew tired of the old fashioned life, so they asked me to reach out to some local HVAC companies in the city for estimates on adding a real central air conditioner system to the house. I was not expecting much – I knew they would prefer something cheap. Still, I reached out to one supplier that has a fantastic reputation for service, and asked them to come out and present my parents with their options. I’ve never known my parents to be all that open to modern technology, however, maybe this was the beginning of a new time in their lives. When the HVAC professional came out to survey the house, he told my folks that, given the size of the home and how open each room is, the best approach would be to use a ductless mini-split system. He explained that using it would make the main room of the home cool down considerably, and the cool air would eventually reach the other rooms as a result. This was not only a genuinely cost-effective addition, but the installation was painless and was complete in a single weekend. My parents were so happy when the installation was through, I don’t think they’ve shut down the air conditioner system since it was first turned on!

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