Sporadic heating in the RV

Recently, I got the grand plan in my head to make some sizable changes in our life. I haven’t been cheerful for quite some time now, as well as I knew it was well past the point when I needed to completely reconsider our whole lifestyle. Working full time at a task I hated, living in a neighborhood that drove me insane, as well as residing in a tiny apartment that provided me with only brick wall views was unquestionably starting to slowly kill me. Literally. I’ve been so sick as well as depressed for the past 4 or 5 years that I couldn’t take it anymore. I knew I either needed to pack up as well as start my life anew, or I was going to end it all. That’s when I sold all our worldly possessions as well as bought myself an RV, however now I’m out, hitting the roads as well as exploring the entire world every single morning. I’ve seen more beauty in the last three months than I had in the past 10 or 12 years! I task from our computer area time as well as I’m thoroughly enjoying the bold new way of life I’ve created. Well, I should say I was perfectly satisfied, until the Winter weather struck. I suppose when I bought the RV, I didn’t spend enough money or enough attention to the heating as well as cooling plan onboard. I sort of just assumed that the temperature control equipment was all the same between the different RV companies, as well as didn’t properly check out the heating as well as cooling plan on our motorcar until it was too late. It turns out that our new home on wheels doesn’t have the best onboard oil furnace on the market, or the best insulation to keep the hot air trapped inside. I found that out suddenly the morning that I awoke to find our new home on wheels was 34 degrees! Now our life is a little more limited; I can only travel in the hot south for half the year.

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