Space heater in the bedroom

Marriage is a good thing. And i’ve been married for quite a little while now days. I am unquestionably not innocent when it comes to odd pet peeves or hobbies though, however my spouse is not the kind of woman to complain about it, so she never tells me if something bothers her. I wish that I could be like her in that area, despite the fact that I am simply not, nor ever will be. I’ve tried to stop complaining about the small things, but there is one thing that drives me up a wall. My spouse always has to have our bedroom unquestionably cold. You see, she can’t sleep unless the room is unquestionably cold, however the major issue is that I can’t sleep when the room is as cold as she enjoys it. I have tried to convince her to turn the HVAC system off and just use a fan, despite the fact that she insists that it won’t be cool enough for her, then last Friday evening, I got so cold that I was literally shivering and had stomach cramps, and she could see me shivering, of course, & turned the a/c to a lower setting. She didn’t sleep well that evening, despite the fact that she was glad to help me stay warm. After that incident, she went to the store and bought me a few new fleece blankets to keep me warm at bedtime in the evening. I care about my spouse so much, and I hope that someday she will learn to sleep in a warmer bedroom!


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