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I’m the one in my relationship who takes on the most responsibility. Since my man and I are looking for our 2nd house now, I think that I should have some say in the choice because of how much extra work it is going to be for me. He works 2 jobs that he commutes to. I work 2 jobs that I can do mostly from home. I am also the one that’s a neat freak, so I end up cleaning. paying the bills, etc. I hire repair people when something breaks. I need to clear some of this off my plate. My desires for the new house is that it has all brand new heating and cooling, electrical, plumbing, and must be renovated. I don’t have time for a huge renovation and I don’t want to be driving back and forth between houses all day waiting for repair people for HVAC systems or plumbing or whatever. Our old house wasn’t updated when we bought it and it has been a huge pain in the butt these past 3 months trying to keep up on everything. I’ve had an HVAC company out 3 times to fix the furnace, clean the heating ducts, etc. Having two homes is supposed to give us some extra financial freedom. But how can I have financial freedom if I don’t have any time? I’ll have extra money, but no time to do any shopping or traveling. That just won’t cut it for me.

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