Soaking wet

With summer in full swing, people in our area are fully dependent upon their air conditioning to make it through their days. I for one, am not happy about that! Don’t get me wrong I really love when it is starts to get warm,  but I am not a fan of when it is scorching hot and the humidity has be dripping with sweat all the time. Most days, I can’t even make it to my car in the morning without feeling overheated. The commute to work is terrible and often I spend upwards of an hour on the thruway due to the congestion.  I really wish there were a more relaxing route to get downtown. I can’t even have the windows down due to the smog and the heat so I am stuck in air conditioning then too. Honestly, we deal with this every year and you would have thought that I would be used to it by now or at least decided to move elsewhere, but the truth is, I love it here. This is my hometown and no matter what, I will never leave.  I suppose I should just stop complaining about the weather as it really only impacts us a couple of months out of the year. Besides, if I moved to a cooler climate area, I would probably just complain about having the heat on instead of the air conditioning. I should just be thankful that I have a quality HVAC system in my home and in my car so that I am not subjected to the temperatures outside no matter the season.  

HVAC maintenance 

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