Smells that you don’t want

I knew when I bought my first house that saving money was going to be my main priority.  I decided to purchase a home even as we are a single income family. I was ready to have a yard with more privacy.  I was exhausted by the restrictions of apartment living. I was ready to paint the walls in every room of my home an unusual color just because now that I was in my own place I could. The main aspect of apartment living that I will miss was having someone else be responsible for all the maintenance plus repairs.  I really enjoyed the convenience of picking up my phone to let the office know that my heating & air conditioner unit needed servicing or that I needed a current appliance. Now, that this was my responsibility, I wanted to understand exactly what I needed to do to mitigate major repairs especially for my heating & air system.  The easiest aspect to the heating and air program repair is removing then cleaning the air filter. I began to do this on a monthly basis once I understood that this could alleviate the need for myself and others to use the Heating & Air Conditioning program down between five or fifteen percent which also meant that I would save on my utility costs.  The other component that needed correct cleaning but also added to less energy use plus lower bills was the air condenser. The air condenser was on the end of my place plus didn’t require as much attention as the air filter. Once every few months, I would simply take the water hose and spray the outside of the unit to keep debris from accumulating on it.

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