Sister loves our HVAC contractor

My sibling is clearly in love with her HVAC specialist. I suggested she ask him out on a date. She said that was a good idea. She called the heating and cooling dealer & asked for some sort of air duct cleaning & then the man of her dreams showed up to her door once again with his tools ready to go. She let him do his thing & then worked up his nerve to ask the man out on a date; He laughed & said it was funny, she was trying to get up his nerve to ask him out! She regularly made sure whenever she seen she needed Heating as well as Air Conditioning assistance, he could regularly be the one to make the house call, and that explains why he was regularly the one who showed up to her house. They like each other so much it’s kind of annoying. I don’t have anyone like that in my life & I don’t know I’m going to find the perfect guy who happens to be a Heating as well as Air Conditioning professional. I’m cheerful for my sibling, however oftentimes when those more than one are together I tell them they need to get a room, but nobody wants to see all that public display of affection. It gets kind of annoying to be honest. But maybe it is just me, who knows! But seriously, I am very happy for them every day of the week and month!

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