Sickness fixed up by cooling

I was watching some cable television a couple of days.  I don’t take time to kneel plus watch much cable television, unless there is a very nice cook off going on, but this show caught our attention, plus even though I was retching and gagging as I watched it, I couldn’t turn it off.  The people were eating sea slugs, earthworms, plus live scorpions, plus they weren’t even cooked. I just stared in awe plus wondered about why anyone would do that kind of thing, plus then they said they were a single step closer to the one million dollars.  I recognize how that could be an impetus for some folks, but not for me. As I sat there mesmerized, I found our stomach roiling, plus then someone on the show began to spew vomit. My hubby came in the room at that time, plus he was making pretzels with melted cheese.  Have you ever noticed how some cheese smells love vomit? I turned on the central a/c, hoping to get the smell out. He thought I was crazy because it was only forty two degrees out, plus the oil furnace was running. I didn’t care how cold it got, I was feeling so deeply nauseous that I needed to recognize the cool air of the a/c.  He asked if I was okay plus he was getting upset. I started to tell him about what I had been watching, plus how the parmesan smells the same as vomit, plus he went over plus stood in front of AC vents. I didn’t know at the time that he had an upset stomach all day, plus I had just pushed him over the edge. Only the cooled air of the AC was keeping him from puking.


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