Shutting down the air conditioner

My roommates plus I are seriously excited for the hurricane that we are about to face. We actually work at the same place plus they guaranteed us a few days off of work. We decided we were going to have the most fun hurricane gathering. We were able to pick up a grill to barbecue with, ice plus juice for refreshments. We also had board games to add onto the fun. I was on the cellphone with my mom about the plan plus she gave me a hard time about it. Since it was my first time living on my own plus in a risky hurricane zone, she basically told me that storms are really dangerous plus not fun in the slightest. I told her I had already made the plans plus couldn’t back out in the last hour. She persuaded me to pick up some additional items, just in case the power went out. We got a bunch of fans that are battery powered, and solar battery chargers as well. We actually found some travel fans that we could have set up around the property in order to keep the place well insulated. My roommate plus I made arrangements not to sleep upstairs because heat rises so all of us were thinking it would be a lot warmer up there! Finally, what I’m most proud of, I put together a solar powered a/c. It’s a seriously handy mini a/c that runs on solar power plus pushes out a great deal of ice-cold air. This is why almost everyone should listen to their mother, because our power honestly went out within the first hour of our hurricane gathering. Surprisingly, almost everyone decided to stick around because we were the most prepared compared to just about everyone else in the city.

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