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I was really stoked when I heard about a Heating & Air Conditioning supplier doing trade-ins in town. my outdated Heating & Air Conditioning had done its run and needed to be replaced. I sort of figured that it would not be worth much even though I did not exactly have many other options! I needed a new cooling/heating component and, somehow, I would have to find a way to get a new. I went into the HVAC store, picked out the Heating & Air Conditioning unit that I wanted, as well as told the manager I wanted to do a trade. they looked up at our Heating plus Air Conditioning unit, and took it in then offered me a call later.  Based on their assessment of our machine, the supervisor quoted me a price which was way too expensive for my budget. I was disappointed as well as upset as well and knew not what to do at that point.

            All was not lost, fortunately, because the manager came up with a method to finance the deal. I was so grateful that I couldn’t contain my joy. 3 days later, I had my brand new Heating & Air Conditioning unit installed. I could close the windows again as well as throw out the outdated fans. I can hardly explain enough the difference that made. Not just with our air quality which was now perfect. Every one of us had grown accustomed to having air conditioner in our home for multiple months. It felt miserable to be separate from a Heating & Air Conditioning unit after all this time. It was as though my life as well as circumstances were put on halt, while everybody around us was moving forward.

           Now, with our new Heating plus Air Conditioning unit in the house, I am cool, comfortable, and happy.

A/C service plan 

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