Should have zoned cooling

In the beginning I was thrilled we had won season passes to the theme park nearby. For the entire summertime, our kids & I would be able to go to the park as much as we wanted… We just needed to pay for our parking, & whatever food & drinks we wanted. All of the rides, & the critter enclosures, were covered. The kids were so excited, & started planning to go most of the days through the summertime. As it turns out, the prize was a lot better in conception than in execution, & I found myself wishing the passes were only good for a week! I am not as attached to our cooling equipment as some people, even during the blazing heat of the summertime. That said, I actually do use AC pretty much every single day, in my office, our car, & in our property! Going out in the sunshine for a full day with no AC at all did not seem all that bad in the beginning, but once I got to the park & I felt the way the pavement was heating up rapidly, I knew I was really in for it! Even with sunscreen our kids were all pink in about an hour, as was I. This is when we started searching for some much needed cooling. We just sat inside a rainforest themed cafe for a long while, sipping on root beer & soaking in the refreshing air conditioning. After that we opted to go to an indoor show, which was not very good, but at least it was air conditioned… Spending a whole day without any real cooling made our kids change their minds about going back again so soon.

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