Should have gotten centralized a/c

My boss has been not being honest with us for several years. When I first started working here, the indoor air quality was crazy bad During my interview, I even made a comment about how horrible humidity plus lack of cooling unit. The interviewer even told me they were going to be updating the entire central Heating and Air Conditioning plan the following quarter. That was almost two years ago, and we still have not had any repairs done to repair the horrible indoor air quality. My office is on the seventh floor, and the office is regularly hot plus muggy. I have a petite desk fan that runs 24-7, but it just blows the hot air around my desk, last month, we all got an office memo. The memo stated that our Heating and Air Conditioning plan was going to be upgraded starting next week. I wasn’t going to believe that, until I saw an  actual Heating and Air Conditioning business on the floo. But sure enough, Wednesday afternoon our office was bustling with employees and a crew of Heating and Air Conditioning! On Wednesday, we were forced to work on a unusual floor, so our air ducting system could be repaired plus upgraded. I spent several days literally working in the mailroom, so our office air ducts could be cleaned and sanitized. Things were progressing rather quickly, even though the whole building appeared to be torn apart. Then my boss said we will be in the mailroom for another week, then hopefully, all of the improvements will be finished by that time. I have a meeting with some super important clients next month, and I‘m going to need my office.

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