Short Order Restaurant Hot

My legitimately first job was to work at a steakhouse as a small order cook. It was located at a local market, but there happened to be indoor shopping and booths located everywhere. This allowed our Market to be able to run all of the months of the year. Every Saturday we were located in the middle of the shopping center. The heating and air conditioning system was dedicated to keeping every customer feeling warm, we were located that was very cold. During one serious summer season, it happened to be moderate for 7 weeks on end. I was working as a cook, and that meant being on The Griddle for hours on end. The uneven temperatures soared very high, and I found myself wishing to have an air conditioning system in the back of the house. But it was no match for the lack of air conditioning in the back of the building. The cooler compressor was running with a lot of trouble also, and it left us with very little ventilation for the air conditioning system. The owner finally called the market manager, and had them look into our heating and air conditioning system. The professional honestly gave us a few options that would be able to alleviate all of the heat. The technician also cleaned our ventilation system, which helped to change the atmosphere in the kitchen area. Since the ventilation system was upgraded, we didn’t mind not having the air conditioning system quite as much. The food prep area was finally a nice place for all of us to stand around and work.


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