Shopping for heating equipment

I appreciate my older brother, but he is quite a conundrum of a human being… As kind, intelligent, & grounded as he is, he’s also an irrational person who can be all over the place; ever since his wifey of 13 years broke his heart through spiteful means, he hasn’t been the same person. After the break up, he moved out on his own & began trying to take care of himself for the first time in his adulthood, & it has been a tale of both successes & failures. He did a nice job locating an affordable lake house to live in, & he’s managed to keep up with his daily bills, mortgage, & town fees. However, when it comes to taking action & improving his home, he has not been overly motivated, that’s why he still has multiple boarded up windows, a depressingly sagging roof, & a yard full of ragged weeds. He also barely has an Heating & Air Conditioning system… I should be clear that the heating & cooling units are in site, but they are barely operable. The oil furnace is well over 17 years old, & the air conditioner device must be about 10 at this point. When he moved in, the temperature control equipment clearly needed professional services, but he has never bothered to have an Heating & Air Conditioning contractor come out to inspect his ventilation whatsoever. Rather, he continues to live with an unreliable oil furnace that randomly shuts off in the night all Wintertime long. In the summer season, you can count on his A/C providing sub-par treated air that comes out of the air vents about 5 degrees cooler than it was to begin with. Worst of all for his health & well-being, is the nasty outdated air filters on the Heating & Air Conditioning equipment, which must be fully clogged with his incessant beard trimmings & ongoing farts.

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