Shell game with the HVAC

When booking a hotel room, you never know what you are going to get, then anytime our buddy Laura and I go on holidays, I book the room! Laura does shopping plus excursions, then I do flights plus hotels. A little hotel room is not nice with a ton of luggage. A hotel room with a shared powder room is just plain horrible. The worst is when the HVAC system is not up to par. I have booked hotels with broken or no HVAC equipment. That is almost better since climate control is off the table. Laura and I hate it when the hotel has a centralized HVAC unit. The hotel staff set the thermostat and we are at the mercy of it, but usually, if we are in a warmer area, the air conditioning is way too much. The staff does not want to be overheated while finally working. So they crank the cooling system and cooling goes all through the air duct. Laura and I get so cold that we wear pants and overcoats to bed. The heating is just as bad. Laura and I have tried opening windows and using ice to cool us. The complication is, if the HVAC system is set bad, the whole night is ruined. I research to find good HVAC service in a hotel, and however, almost everyone don’t review on the heating and cooling technology in their room.

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