Searching HVAC Providers for our First Home

I have been married for just a few months. It was never our intention to buy property in our marriage, but my father gifted us with a down payment on a home for our wedding. He thought a a fixer upper would be a great way to start off a marriage. He said that if we could get through setting up a home, then marriage would be an easy road. He thought he was quite funny that way. Well, I am not going to lie, I thought we would kill each other at one point! I was in responsible for searching out for an HVAC provider. Seriously, what did I possibly know about heating and air conditioning?! I didn’t even know where to start! I lived with my parents before I got married. For all I knew, we had heat when I wanted it and air conditioning when it was hot. I just never thought much more about it. When I started searching I found at least five all within ten miles of the house! I went to the reviews first off to see what customers thought of these different heating and cooling companies. Well, that was pointless as many of the reviews were so outdated! I decided to go with the one closest to the house for the ‘going local’ mentality. I made an appointment for an HVAC technician to come out to the house  and walk through with me to see what our options could be for a heating and cooling system or if we even needed one! It was very informative. I learned more than I ever needed to about HVAC units! But, by the end I felt we made some good choices and my husband was going to be very impressed with my decision making skills!

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