School air cooling repair

My school wasn’t really what I would call top of the line! It was basically situated in a pretty sketchy section of town. On top of that, it wasn’t built that nice and was not taken care of all that well. Still, I had a lovely time at school for a majority of the time… Most of our educators were friendly and I made a lot of fantastic friends that I still talk to even today. I do remember a certain day in school that was not all that great, though. My friends and I arrived at 8:10, when classes were supposed to get started. Well when the lot of us got there, the lot of us saw educators and adults running around like there was something seriously wrong. It was also brutally overheated and humid inside. After taking a look around at all the panicked educators and covered in sweat students, we came to the conclusion that the problem had something to do with the school’s A/C machine, which was temperamental at best. It seemed that the air conditioning machine broke for real this time, because it didn’t get turned on in a few minutes. The Heating, Ventilation, and A/C workers likely were missing a part needed to service the A/C machine. The people I was with and I still went to all of our classes, however everyone was too blazing hot to get any work done whatsoever. The school handed out water to us, however it didn’t cool us down very much. The broken a/c machine wasn’t all that poor though, because I ended up getting to miss a test that day because our educator was too weary from the intense heat. I certainly came back to my residence totally sweaty after not having a/c all day, even though I suppose it wasn’t the worst day I’ve ever had at that school.

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