Sad when the a/c goes out

Being in a cheap little apartment, means that I have been able to put back quite a bit of money.  I now have enough in my savings to be able to put a nice down payment on a new condo. The only reason I chose to live in this efficiency apartment was because the rent was so cheap.  I knew I could save a lot. I was also only a block away from my office. Which meant I had no car expenses. I could even walk home during my lunch hour and make a quick lunch in my apartment.  It wasn’t just the fact that I had my down payment for a home, but that things were getting really bad here with the HVAC, and I knew when it was time to leave. I can’t wait to get a home that has a great HVAC because this isn’t even good enough to call bad.  I am now calling the landlord on a weekly basis to get him to get the HVAC company to come out and service my air conditioning. The last time I called, was the third time that week, and the HVAC company still hadn’t arrived. When he finally got to fixed the air conditioning, I had been without for almost a month.  I told my realtor that when she found me a home that I wanted it to have a good HVAC system. I knew that above anything else, I had to have great air conditioning. We ironed out where I wanted my home and what appliances I wanted, and now the excitement is beginning to set in. I love knowing that in about a year, I will be out of this apartment and finally into my own home with a real working HVAC system.

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