Running the heater in the apartment

When I first graduated from nursing school, I was in a tremendous amount of debt.  I had a huge student loan debt, an automobile payment, automobile insurance, health insurance draining my budget, and I wasn’t earning much.  I worked two jobs plus rented a very cheap, stuffy old apartment. The floors were uneven, the bathroom sink leaked, plus none of the windows opened.  The oven smoked, the freezer wasn’t cold enough to freeze ice, plus multiple of the electrical outlets didn’t work. The most annoying problem with the place was the heating and cooling system.  I was responsible for the weekly utilities. Despite the low rent, I often ended up paying an arm and a leg in utility bills. I did my very best to save energy in every way possible. I put heavy plastic over the windows plus pushed rolled towels against the bottom of the doors during the winter.  I was seriously careful with temperature control settings and tried desperately to go without air conditioning in the summer. Unfortunately, the winter temperature in my region is often chilly, so I couldn’t go completely without heating. I made sure to dress in layers of clothing, with heavy socks plus house slippers.  I bought a heating blanket for my bed and barely operated the heating unit. I was always shaking from the cold, yet the heating device seemed to run non stop. It filled the house with a grey smoke and the smell of burnt hair. It also made a spine-chilling screeching sound. I guess I would been better off spending more for rent on a newer house with a more energy efficient Heating plus Air Conditioning system.

electric furnace

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